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Urban Southern 5 Pocket Crossbody

Urban Southern 5 Pocket Crossbody

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The 5-Pocket Crossbody has a place for everything, with pockets inside for every use, including credit cards, your phone, and small loose items like earbuds and cords.

This little piece is just the right size for some essentials and your money! Swing it over your shoulder knowing everything is just where it needs to be. 

The ring on the front adds a fun touch, and as soon as you touch this bag, you’ll know the leather is the highest quality you can find. 


The rich, full-grain leather used for your Urban Southern bag may come with its own unique marks not pictured here, as well as a slight variation in color from batch to batch. Please see item details for additional information.

    ***Normally ships within 2 days with occasional delays up to 2 weeks.

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