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Rain Chain Gutter Adapter 2" Copper

Rain Chain Gutter Adapter 2" Copper

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CONNECTOR FOR RAIN CHAINS: Serves as a link for decorative rain chains and other hanging decor, offering a chic alternative to traditional closed downspouts.

EFFICIENT WATER FLOW MANAGEMENT: Beautifully channels water, handling from gentle to heavy flow, creating a captivating visual and aural rain display.

ELEGANT COPPER CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of copper that gracefully develops a weathered patina over time, enhancing gardens, patios, and landscape aesthetics.

VERSATILE & USER-FRIENDLY INSTALLATION: Measures 4.25 inches, designed for easy installation in both existing and new gutter outlets, offering adaptable positioning.

UNIVERSAL & PROTECTIVE DESIGN: Suitable for any rain chain or extension piece with its removable bar, helping reduce potential water damage to homes.

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