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Park Hill Collection Willow Candles

Park Hill Collection Willow Candles

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• Always trim wick to 1/4” prior to each lighting (do not leave wick trimmings in the wax!)

• Do not burn a candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Allow enough time for the candle wax to solidify before re-lighting again.

• Discontinue use when you reach the last 1/2” of wax at the bottom of your vessel.

• Do not place in areas where pets or children can reach to prevent accidental tipping.

• As a precaution, do not place on top of fine or precious furniture finishes.

• Be mindful of placement, not near draperies or under cabinet tops.

• AND....NEVER leave a burning candle unattended!

13 oz


Afternoon Tea:  Fragrant notes of Bergamot, lemon, violet petals, Earl Grey tea and precious woods.

Apothecary:  Drawing inspiration from the apothecaries of old. Refreshing botanical notes of juicy bitter orange and sheer rose warmed by touches of sparkling cardamom, pink pepper, hay and cedar wood.

Apple Rum Bonfire:  The warm and sweet scent of juicy red apples, clove bud and mandarin covered in dark rum, cinnamon stick and cedar leaf with hints of smokey vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.

Autumn Gatherings:  Harvest season aroma of roasted hazelnut and ground cinnamon.

Back Porch:  Scents of early spring hyacinths and wild sweet violets.

Best Tree Ever:  Evergreen fragrance of hope and optimism. 

Caramel Apple:  Juicy red apples covered in the rich, buttery goodness of this fall favorite.

Citronella Mint:  Enjoy patio season with the refreshing scent of mint mixed with the benefit of citronella, eucalyptus leaves and spearmint. Those pesky bugs won't know what hit them!

Cloved Orange:  Warm clove and citrus orange.

Coastal Cottage:  Enjoy a weekend escape with the fresh, aromatic blend of eucalyptus, wild basil and cedarwood nuanced with lemon verbena and musk.

Country French Lavender:  The scent of early summer lavender fields of Provence with calming lavender, the fresh essence of clary sage, rosemary and vetiver.

Engagement:  The promise of romance in the air!

Frost on the Pumpkin:  Inhale crisp, clean notes inspired by autumn's first frost, the harbinger of winter. Sweet creamy pumpkin warmed with holiday spices of roasted almond, nutmeg, clove and fragrance notes of cinnamon chai, vanilla bean and maple sugar.

Gladys' Kitchen:  Warm & nostalgic fragrance of grandma's baking spices, crisp apples and vanilla.

Grace & Gardenia:  Heavenly sweet and earthy, rich floral fragrance.

Homemade Lemonade:  Sweet, tart and refreshing.

Heirloom Pumpkin:  Spicy, roasted scents of the season.

Lemon Verbena:  Sweet lemon is revitalizing and uplifting!

Old Estate Magnolia:  Stately and sweet.

Patchouli:  A truly balancing blend of patchouli enveloped in sweet cinnamon, amber, vanilla and relaxing sandalwood.

Peach Orchard:  The sweet smell of a freshly picked peaches from the orchard, ripe and ready for eating! A lively combination of fruity peach and juicy berries sweetened with the scent of island jasmine, gardenia and creamy musk.

Pecan Pie:  The fragrance of a Southern tradition.

Peppermint Bark:  The smell of the traditional Christmas treat comes to you with fragrant notes of chocolate enhanced by peppermint and sweetened by vanilla.

Pumpkin Bourbon:  Warmly robust, sweet spiced pumpkin.

Roastery Cafe:  This gourmand scent blends freshly ground coffee and creamy mocha with the aroma of freshly toasted coconut and sweet vanilla maple. 

Silver Birch:  Winter woods and a deep breath of clean, crisp winter air. 

Soiree:  Classic notes of warm linen, herbal tea, and sandalwood.

Sweet Tea:  Light and refreshing fragrance of freshly brewed herbal tea.

Tea Merchant:  Citrus blend of orange & lemon enhanced by fresh herbal green tones over a floral bouquet of gardenias & roses, on a dry down of vanilla, musk and cedar wood.

Tobacco Barn:  The scent of harvested tobacco drying in an old barn.

Tall Cotton:  The scent of cotton, green hyacinth, and water lily blended with a hint of dewy cyclamen


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