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Beautiful Platters & Delicious Boards

Beautiful Platters & Delicious Boards

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Beautiful Platters & Delicious Boards will teach you how to craft an array of serving boards sure to satisfy all tastes and budgets!

Whether it is a gorgeous assortment of cheeses for a formal dinner party, or a simple afternoon nibble of nuts and sliced fruit, offering up anything on a serving board instantly elevates the moment. This book makes a delicious serving board design within reach no matter the time of day.

Inside, you will find:

  • Easy-to-follow recipes for homemade crackers and breads to preserves, dips, spreads, pickles, condiments, and more to add to your charcuterie board
  • How-to guides create contrasts of flavor and texture to assemble memorable assortments
  • Gorgeous photographs to help you select the perfect board presentation
  • Expert advice on elevating your charcuterie boards to new levels
  • Dedicated chapters to each season for creating the perfect serving board no matter the time of year

Beautiful Platters & Delicious Boards makes a delicious serving board within reach no matter the time of day. 

  • Contributor(s): The Coastal Kitchen
  • About the Contributor(s): The Coastal Kitchen believes that food is the easiest way to create the connection and meaning we all need in our lives. To help build this foundation, our editors work to bring the very best recipes, techniques, and ideas from the culinary world into your home, creating books that emphasize quality, accessibility, and simplicity, and make it a bit easier to infuse your life with balance, joy, and beauty.
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