Which Farmhouse Style Is Right for You?

Which Farmhouse Style Is Right for You?

Many customers like to incorporate farmhouse style in their home, whether in small doses or a complete renovation. Every day at Chic Artique, we help customers add touches of farmhouse style while keeping items that are special to them or too expensive to replace.

Understanding the different types of farmhouse styles is key to perfecting your look and successful decorating. If you have spent any time on Pinterest or Instagram, you have heard of these farmhouse styles such as farmhouse, modern farmhouse, cottage, ranch, and industrial farmhouse.

Farmhouse style has influenced the design industry across the board to move in a more casual direction. We love it like our favorite pair of old jeans.

To help you identify your style, we have described each category. My decorating philosophy is use what you love. If you came to my house, you would see touches of each of these styles. I am not rigid in my decorating rules.

Also, farmhouse style is the most fun decorating style ever because it is like a giant treasure hunt. One of my favorite items in my home is an oversized industrial scale in the picture above that I use as an end table. I found it in Pennsylvania.

Traditional Farmhouse Style

Traditional farmhouse aesthetics mimic the original look of old American farmhouses more accurately than other styles. In a typical early farmhouse, people used what they had to decorate, such as rolling pins in a crock in the kitchen, stacks of books, baskets of quilts, and ladders to a loft. (Cue Little House on the Prairie music.) These true vintage and antique items date back to original farmhouses and served oftenpractical purposes.

Antiques are often repurposed with the modern homeowner in mind, but they lend the room an air of authenticity missing in some other styles. Light wood tones, white textiles, and distressed paint all contribute to the traditional farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Style

The evolution of farmhouse décor introduced modern elements in place of some original designs. Perhaps its most visibly defining feature is a more minimalist take than traditional farmhouse décor. From furniture to artwork, each piece in a modern farmhouse needs to earn its place in the room. This careful selection means clean lines, clear surfaces, and an uncluttered feeling. It embraces neutral palettes, and you might see modern art on the walls.

While your modern farmhouse may incorporate neutral and understated colors, for instance, these are contrasted by the organic tone of all the wood as well as soft blankets, overstuffed chairs, and personalized touches that have special meaning to you. A true modern farmhouse style has kitchens and bathrooms that would spoil a princess.

Cottage Style

Cottage style uses a number of design features similar to the farmhouse style, such as a significant reliance on wood, but it strives for a cozier feeling. The minimalist effect of modern farmhouse design is replaced by a desire to surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable, homey, and relaxed.

Cottage-style rooms are often considered softer and more romantic than other farm-based styles. Wicker baskets, soft florals, candles, and rugs are key in creating a cottage style.

Industrial Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse aesthetic has a number of variations, and one that is often misunderstood is the industrial farmhouse look. This style meshes two popular trends - farm-based décor and American industrial style - into a single, cohesive scheme. It can be intimidating, but it also creates one of the most unique and fun farmhouse looks.

The foundation of the industrial farmhouse look is the marriage of deep woods and metal elements. Copper, steel, chrome, and iron are major elements, often seen in exposed pipes and beams, reclaimed industrial fixtures and lighting, and industrial-style furniture.

Repurposing vintage industrial elements is also popular. You might see a crystal chandelier hanging from exposed beams above a wood table or an old window from a warehouse hanging on the wall from oversized old pulleys.

Ranch Style

Possibly the most uniquely American classic style is the ranch style. While it begins with many elements similar to farmhouse design, like wood and rustic fixtures, you will also see animal prints, memorabilia from the Western lifestyle, or local art and sculptures. All set this style apart from its cousins.

As you determine whether you like actual vintage pieces or modern furnishings with vintage inspiration, for instance, you can narrow in on your personal style. This will make it easier to tailor your purchases to create the aesthetic you want.

The one thing that all of these styles have in common that a lot of people miss is the presence of texture. This primarily includes wood tones mixed with luxurious linens. There is something irresistible about rustic mixed with elegance.

Chic Artique offers a wide array of furnishings, accessories, and artistic elements to help you find your style. Jonathan and I often bring back salvage from our Pennsylvania trips to give you reclaimed furniture that you can use in your interior design.

Check out our inventory today or talk with a design pro to get started. Remember, if you ever see anything on social media that you cannot find on the website, you can call the store and we can ship it to you.

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