4 Home Décor Tips

4 Home Décor Tips



Decorating your home gives you a chance to infuse your personality into your living space. But, putting all your ideas together to create a space that speaks for your vision is not an easy task. Deciding which colors to use for each room, which furniture works with your home design, and which décor pieces to put where can make decorating your home feel overwhelming. But, you are not alone.

Read this guide for home décor tips that will make your home look amazing.

1. Get Custom Furniture

Your old furniture from your college days or the hand-me-down pieces from family and friends may not speak to your style. So why not switch it up with custom pieces? Instead of spending days browsing through catalogs and visiting furniture stores, get a picture of a piece you want and take it to your furniture maker.

Using custom-made furniture gives your home a unique touch. Additionally, you can trust that you have good-quality furniture because you get to select the materials for each piece. Custom-made furniture also gives you a chance to get creative.

Unlike stores, which limit furniture to certain colors, you get more color options with custom-made furniture because the furniture maker has a wide selection of fabrics. If you want personalized details on your woodwork, a custom piece allows you to get what you want. You also get custom furniture in the exact size to fit your space.

2. Play With Colors and Patterns

If you have brightly colored furniture, use a neutral shade on your walls to bring out the vibrance of your furniture. You may also add colorful wall décor and accessories to a space with primarily neutral colors to give it life.

Wallpaper is an easy way to add color and incorporate patterns into a room. Wallpaper is easy to install, and you can change it anytime you like, which gives you more freedom to play around with your home's design.

Patterns make a room more interesting. You can mix and match patterns to give a room personality. Use throw pillows and rugs to add smaller prints or patterns. A focal point with a neutral or white color looks great with a decorative piece with a bold pattern.  

One important thing to remember when decorating with colors and patterns is not to go overboard. Stick to three or four patterns, and use colors within the same color palette.

3. Use Mirrors

Mirrors make great backdrops, and they reflect light, making a room look bigger and brighter. A mirror is also an excellent piece to add to an empty wall. Use an antique mirror to give your home a vintage look. Hang a mirror on a wall opposite a window to reflect light to make a room brighter. But, ensure the mirror does not face the window directly as it will reflect light out the window.

4. Decorate With Light Fixtures

Use light fixtures to transform the rooms in your house. Today, light fixtures come in interesting designs and shapes that can add style to a room. Layer your lights for functionality and aesthetic reasons.

Before installing task lighting, consider the function you want each room to serve to determine how bright the lights should be. Alternatively, hang adjustable lights to change light intensity based on the ambiance you want to create in a room at different times.

Hang accent lights over your kitchen or near artwork to highlight its beauty. Use a chandelier to give your dining area a classy and sophisticated look. If you have a room in your house that looks dull, consider adding bright lights to it. Cleaning your light fixtures regularly also ensures they remain bright.

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