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Loved & Cherished

Loved & Cherished

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Book Summary

A devotional book for girls ages 8–12 on the topic of God’s love, Loved and Cherished empowers girls to feel treasured in a sometimes-lonely world, giving them the acceptance, worth, and security they need to move forward in the transition from being a girl to a woman.

About the Book

Am I loved? Am I valuable? Am I smart? The questions can go on for as long as a girl’s imagination and self-image allow. A girl needs to know that she is enough because of God’s love.

So often, girls and women give in to the lies that how they look and how popular they are determines their worth. But as children of God, we can have the confidence that we are loved, protected, secure, whole, and valuable because God is our heavenly father.

Loved and Cherished equips girls ages 8–12 to:

  • Discover perfect, unconditional love in God, and that she doesn’t have to perform or be perfect to receive that love.
  • Know she has God’s protection, despite living in an often-scary world.
  • Let go of heartaches, fears, and failures, because she has the love she needs to face it.
  • Build a strong foundation of faith on the love who will never leave her so she can face the challenges of growing up.

With a beautifully decorated cover, ribbon marker, and lovely page illustrations, this book of devotions will make the perfect gift for any girl in your life who deserves to know she is cherished, treasured, valuable, and worthy.


Loved and Cherished is the reminder every little girl needs that no matter how they feel, what happens to them, or what others speak over them, God sees them for who they really are, a beautiful child deeply loved by Him. This delightful devotional offers simple, practical, and engaging hope throughout its pages and gifts the reader with a foundation of faith to last a lifetime!
-Ruth Schwenk, Founder of, Co-Host of The Rootlike Faith Podcast and Author of The Better Mom Devotional

It is my daily prayer that every girl across the globe hears the message that she is LOVED. Period. Lynn Cowell and Michelle Nietert's book, Loved and amp; Cherished, does just that! Put this engaging and Truth-filled book in the hands of the young girls in your life. Because when a girl believes that God deeply loves her, no matter what, everything changes. -CINDY BULTEMA Executive Director of GEMS Girls' Clubs; Speaker and Author of women's Bible studies Red Hot Faith and Live Full Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World.

'As a mom to three daughters I am always looking for people to speak truth into my girls. Loved and Cherished is an incredible-Truth-filled resource for young women. I especially love the living cherished and talking with God sections of the devotional! Lynn and Michelle have done an incredible job with this and it's just what this next generation needs. -Nicki Koziarz, bestselling author and Proverbs 31 Speaker'

There are days when my daughter struggles to believe that Jesus really does love her. Even though I often repeat how beautiful and special she is to Jesus just as she is, my growing girl also needs to hear the truth about God's love for her from other godly women who do not hold the role of M.O.M. in her life! I cannot wait for my daughter to read Loved and Cherished for it's encouraging, relatable, and applicable devotions will help her to finally grasp and embrace God's love for her. Lynn and Michelle's wisdom will help her to pray and live with confidence as a daughter who truly knows she is loved and cherished by her King. This winsome collection of devotions is not only a win for my girl, but for daughters everywhere!
~Tracy Steel, speaker and author of A Redesigned Life: Uncovering God's Purpose When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

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