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Book Summary

For anyone who longs to experience God in the thick of life's demands, Sara Hagerty's Adore offers a simple, soul-nourishing practice for engaging with God in the middle minutes of your day.

About the Book

For anyone who longs to experience God in the thick of life's demands, Sara Hagerty's Adore offers a simple, soul-nourishing practice for engaging with God in the middle minutes of your day.

None of us signed up for a conventional experience with the unconventional God, yet too often the spiritual life can become routine, dare we say, even boring.

In Adore, Sara Hagerty gives us all permission to admit "I barely know You, God," and with this honest admission, to scoot a little nearer to this familiar stranger. Adoration is the simple practice Sara discovered for starting where you are, and letting the grit of your day greet the beauty of God's presence.

Adoration is for the woman who feels frenzied and fearful in the middle minutes of her day. It is a simple practice for 7:37 a.m. when the children are waking and the dryer is already humming but also for the 12:17 p.m. lunch break and for 5:53 p.m. while stuck in traffic.

Adoration is the place where we put how we feel in front of God's Word, and watch what happens to our insides. It's what you were made for. Join Sara in this soul-stirring journey through thirty attributes of God which you can walk through at your own pace. Learn how the simple habit of adoration--in the middle minutes of your day--can help you see God with fresh eyes, and talk to Him right there. Experience a new way of engaging with God in your everyday. Adore will show you how.


We need women like Sara Hagerty, and we need more books like Adore--ushering us into the throne room of grace, in the middle of the mundane and the maintenance. This is a book not to miss. If you heed its encouragement, it will change your life.

Sara Hagerty's Adore is a beautiful invitation into the simple but vital practice of drawing near to God. I love Sara's heart in continually pointing us to the real and lasting treasure of daily and even minute-by-minute communion with God. This is where real life happens as we allow His Word and His presence to meet us every day, right where we are!

The nearness and tenderness of God will be so real to you as you read this book. Sara builds words in such a way it feels like God is so near as you read them.

This book is a must-read, and one that I will go back to again and again. As Sara shares her heart and stories, you feel so known and understood and drawn to the Savior's feet to worship Him there, in the midst of the storm and unknown and hard. This book was such a timely tool for me to adore Him in the midst of my own heartache.

If you desire to have authentic intimacy with God and to understand how to cultivate peace and joy amid a demanding life, you must read this book. Sara has written a book after my own heart's values--finding God to be the source of light, beauty, truth, love that we need every day.

The longing of Sara's heart is for God and His with-us presence. Her writing reveals glimpses into their holy relationship. Adoration is not a prayer technique but a response of our hearts to His unending invitation to be with Him every moment of every day. I pray this book becomes contagious! Nothing is more important.

Sara's words pour out like pure water, line after line, page after page, satiating a part of my heart I didn't know was suffering from thirst. Sara has an incredible way of drawing you into her story at the same time drawing you into a place where your heart tenderly acknowledges your need for God even in the smallest of moments throughout the day. Sara doesn't leave us there, as she also reveals the impact of His engaging presence as we look to Him and experience being known. Adore is more than a book, it is a pitcher of refreshment for the soul, healing balm for the heart, and a picture of God's enduring love for each and every one of us.

Sara Hagerty's voice of wisdom has long been one of my favorites, because of her consistency in pointing her readers toward the Word of God and the one who breathed it. In Adore, Sara beckons us to look for God where we might least expect Him, in the mundane middle of our days and our lives. Her words turn my gaze to Jesus, who calls me to know His heart for me in new ways. Sara takes God's Word and makes it real, using her own experiences to show us how to apply His truth to our lives and how to open wide the doors for a new kind of relationship with our Father. In a world full of easy escapes, Adore is a needed reminder to center our lives around Jesus. If you, like me, need a fresh vision of God's goodness in the midst of your ordinary, this book is for you. Come, feel His gaze on you! See how He loves you!

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